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What is Games4eva?

Games4eva is a Worldwide Buying & Selling Videogame Marketplace & Database.



Ok, but why should I come here when I can buy & sell elsewhere?

* Buy & Sell games with no fees - its free!! (Introductory offer, refer to our Terms & Conditions for more info)

PLEASE NOTE - Due to the Coronavirus situation, we are currently having to put our "we pay you to sell your games" offer on hold due to the fact this is being funded by our partner business which has been affected financially by the crisis. We hope to resume this offer though as soon as we can & will keep you notified on our site as well as our social media

* We pay you to sell your games - Yes, you read that correct! Not only do we offer zero fees but we pay our sellers 50p for every game sold on the games4eva marketplace, (refer to our Terms & Conditions for more info). 10 games sold = £5 commission, 50 games sold = £25 commission, 100 games sold = £50 commission etc.

* Prices checked to be cheaper than anyone else. We know you want the best deal around with the cheapest price possible, so we constantly check with online competitors & encourage sellers to sell at the best market price they can to get the sale. With zero fees & the incentive that we pay you to sell your games with Games4eva, this then enables sellers to be even more competitive with their prices :)

* Games for sale with free UK shipping from £1.25 

* Buyers - Win cash! Every completed purchase on the games4eva marketplace enters you into a monthly prize draw where you get the chance to win £10 cash paid straight into your PayPal account. (Refer to our Terms & Conditions for more info)

* The Games4eva database makes it possible for users to buy & sell every videogame ever made

* Buying & Selling with Games4eva is quick & easy. Our customer feedback so far has been very positive & we are always looking to see how we can improve our service to make it even more user-friendly & simple. The average user found they could register, login & purchase a game with ease from start to finish in under a minute! Don't get us wrong, its not a race, we just like to keep things simple :)

* We advertise & market your games for sale. Sounds obvious but we genuinely want you to sell your games with us & get the sale. We want our sellers to turn a profit whilst also getting paid selling with Games4eva, Why? Because we believe this will grow our customer base quicker overtime. 

* Track your games with "My Collection". Whether you are a serious collector, want to catalog & track your games collection or maybe even monitor your current stock inventory, now you can with this awesome tool. Not only this, but the games4eva database has over 75,000+ listed games & best of all, this feature is completely free!

* Do you have a youtube channel & want to gain more views? Add your gaming review or gameplay footage to a game listing & benefit from others checking out your videos & channel. Only one link per game release though so first come, first served as some users are already on board with this. (Check out the tutorial video at the bottom of the Games4eva homescreen if wanting to know how to do this:)

* Paypal payment ensures sellers get paid fast & with added payment protection for both buyers & sellers. (Stripe also coming soon - watch this space!)

* Coming March 2020 - New added statistics. Discover, when a game was last sold, how many times it has sold & what is the lowest, average & highest sold price of that game on the games4eva marketplace & more!



The Games4eva concept & our story

We are super passionate about videogames! With more & more titles being released digitally, our aim is to create a videogame database (with every game physical & digital in existence on the site), so generations to come can discover & learn about videogames too.  

Not only this, but we know how difficult it can be for online sellers to make money these days. We appreciate & know the fees involved that other marketplaces charge, taking a huge chunk out of your cash! With not many marketplace alternatives out there, we felt it was time to "change the game".

Our objective - Create a videogame marketplace & database with no fees, that reward both buyers & sellers with cash incentives & where you can buy & sell every videogame that has ever been made.

Introducing Games4eva!



Our commitment

Games4eva is here to stay & we will always strive to continually update & improve our service. Not only are we always looking to develop the site but we aim to innovate & be at the forefront of design & concept.

If you think there is a way in which the site could be improved or would like to suggest a feature that could be implemented, email - hello@games4eva.com & let us know your thoughts. 

Your input is vital to our market research in creating the destination marketplace for gamers worldwide.



The Games4eva Database

We are proud to present this database complete with over 75000+ video games across 140+ consoles & computer platforms however, can you help us expand & grow this database?

Do you have knowledge of the latest videogame releases? Have you spotted incorrect information? Do you own a game that does not currently exist in the marketplace? Can you help submit missing or multiple artwork images?

If the answer is yes, then please, log in & edit information! Games4eva revolves around a community of gaming enthusiasts with a passion for video games so if you can help, we want you to get involved.



The marketplace to buy & sell videogames

With the creation of this huge database coupled with our marketplace feature, we want games4eva to become the number one destination site to buy & sell video games. The G4E team has years of knowledge & experience with online selling & adhere to the philosophy-

* Keep it simple!

Buying & selling with games4eva is quick, simple & very easy!

We hope the UX design of the site speaks for itself, however for simple step by step instructions on how to do this, please refer to the Buying & Selling sections at the top or bottom of the homepage or check out our youtube tutorial videos at the bottom of the home screen.



Track your games with"My Collection" & create a "Wishlist"

Catalog & keep track of your games collection & add titles for future purchases with these two amazing features!

Have you ever purchased a videogame only to discover you already own the title & now have 2 copies? Are you a collector & struggle to remember what you own or what gaps you need to fill? Maybe you want to catalog & alphabetize your video game collection, but do not have the time or patience to do this? With the "My Collection" & "Want List" features, all of this can be achieved.

Games4eva is more importantly mobile-friendly so whether you are out & about at a games convention, shopping at your local high street store or browsing the G4E marketplace, you can keep track of your collection & most wanted games whilst on the move!



Optimized for mobile 

Whether browsing on your smartphone, tablet, Mac, PC or whatever device you use, games4eva has been devised to operate & display on all formats.

If you do come across a glitch or error code, please email support@games4eva.com so we can update, fix & continually improve our service.



Gamers passionate about videogames wanted!!

We are proud of building this videogame marketplace & database however our next task is to market games4eva so that we can drive buyers & sellers to the site & get sales going.

We all have to start somewhere & know this is not an easy task so bear with us from the offset. If you like what you have read so far & want to support us, help by sharing on social media, telling your friends, contributing to the database & buying & selling on the site - Dont forget its free & we pay you to sell your games, so why wouldn't you??

We look forward to having you onboard & in becoming part of the ultimate videogame marketplace!