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Scroll to the bottom of the home screen to view our 4 top tutorial videos or click "See all Tutorials" to be directed to our games4eva channel. We aim to get step by step videos uploaded for all of our FAQS, however, you can also find typed answers to all questions on this page if the video is yet to be uploaded. Don't forget, you can always drop us a message via our social media platforms or email for further assistance, where we aim to respond to inquiries within 24hours



How to buy on the games4eva marketplace

We recommend you first read through the "Games4eva video game grading standards" (at the bottom of this page) to understand how games on the marketplace are graded for sale.

1) Login to your account, head straight for the "GAMES FOR SALE" section on the home screen (or find the game you want using the search bar) & on the game release page, click "Buy Game".

2) If the game is available for sale, choose from the seller you wish to purchase this from, check over the item details & if happy to proceed, click "Buy"

3) Double-check the order on the "Confirm Purchase" screen, click "Buy" to proceed & you will now be directed to your "My Orders" area where you can view your order purchase, status & details.

4) Click "Pay now" & complete the PayPal transaction. (If you are not automatically redirected back to Games4eva, Click the option - "RETURN TO MERCHANT" at the bottom of Paypal checkout & you will be redirected back to the "My Orders" page where your status will update to "Payment processed" & the seller will now dispatch your order accordingly).

5) Once you have received your purchase & provided everything is ok, leave feedback & archive the transaction.



Win cash & get rewarded when you buy on the games4eva marketplace

Games4eva values our buyers & sellers & believes in rewarding you for using the site. So for every purchase completed on the games4eva marketplace, you (the buyer) will automatically be entered into our monthly prize draw & be in with a chance of winning £10 paid straight into your PayPal account. Rules are as follows -

*The winner will be announced on the 1st of each month via our Games4eva Facebook page, so make sure you have "liked" the page, otherwise, you will not know if you are a winner.

*£10 prize money will be paid straight into your PayPal account once we receive confirmation from yourself that you are our winner.

*The competition applies to completed orders only, canceled orders will not apply & your entry will be invalid.

*Entry is for all completed purchases from the 1st - 30th/31st of each month (21st/28th with regard to February) & each purchase counts as one entry.

*There is no limit on competition entries, you can enter as many times as you like, (Eg, 10 completed purchases = 10 entries).

*Games4eva reserve the right to remove this promotion at any time as per our "Terms & Conditions" & "Privacy policy" more details of which can be found on our site.



I live in the UK & want to make a purchase, do all Games4eva sellers ship to the UK?

Most of our current buyers & sellers are UK based, however we have already had some users shown interest & start selling with us from overseas. Please check the seller's terms & conditions to see if they are UK based (which they will state) & if you are unsure, contact them first for more details prior to purchasing.



Similarly, I live outside of the UK & want to purchase, can I do this?

Again, this is not a problem so long as the seller is happy to ship to your location & has agreed or set out the shipping cost involved. (For example, a UK seller offering 2nd class postage to a UK address may charge £1 - £2 to cover the cost of postage whereas to send the same parcel to the United States (for example) may cost somewhere between £6 - £12. As above, if you are in any doubt, check the seller's terms & conditions or contact them for more detail. 



How can I cancel an order?

*If you have not paid for your order & wish to cancel, go to your "My orders" section, locate the order & click "Cancel". We suggest messaging the seller to politely confirm cancellation & then "Archive" your order. (Being as payment has not been made, no further action is required).

If you have paid for your order but wish to cancel & be refunded, follow the same procedure as above but wait for your full refund to be processed back to your PayPal account before archiving your order. 

(If the seller has not dispatched your order, then your refund should be processed within 24-48 hours, however, if the seller has already dispatched the item, you will need to return the purchase to receive a full refund). If you incur any issues with the process, contact PayPal direct so they can help resolve the issue & email if you require any further assistance.



How long can refunds take to process?

Although sellers may process refunds immediately, it can take 3-5 working days for PayPal to process the refund when paid for using your bank account or PayPal balance. Payments made with a debit/credit card or e-cheque can take up to 30 days to go back to your account. This information is correct as of 2018, please visit or contact their customer support team for more information.



I have paid for my order but not received my purchase yet?

Check your sellers shipping terms & conditions to determine the estimated arrival date of your parcel. If you have not received your order within the expected timeframe, we recommend contacting the seller first to see if they can provide an update. If you have paid for tracking or insured shipping services, the buyer will be able to provide an update on the delivery status of your parcel to help resolve the situation.



I do not agree with the grading standard of the game I have received

It is the seller’s responsibility to grade a product in accordance with the games4eva grading guidelines. We encourage buyers & sellers to try & work things out using the Message / Contact option via the "My orders" page. Buyers can return items that they are unhappy with regardless of the issue up to 14 days from purchase & receive a full refund of the purchase price upon return. Sellers are not allowed to refuse a refund when a buyer disputes a grading issue & we always encourage the buyer to contact the seller in case of any grading concerns, prior to leaving feedback. This, in turn, provides the seller a chance to offer an amicable solution. If a resolution cannot be met, the buyer should contact their payment method provider (PayPal) to claim a refund and also contact for further assistance.



Tips to ensure a smooth & pleasant online buying experience

*Check that your games4eva profile information is exactly the same as on file with PayPal.

*Review seller’s feedback ratings left by other users.

*Cancelling an order is acceptable, we all sometimes make mistakes or change our minds, however canceling orders consistently offends sellers, can result in negative feedback & may also portray yourself as a dis-trustful buyer. Please bear this in mind when purchasing on games4eva to make this a fun & pleasant shopping experience for everyone involved.  

*Complete your transactions via the games4eva "My orders" page using PayPal which helps speed up the order process.

*Good communication helps ensure a smooth shopping experience.

*Take time to read through & understand the games4eva video game grading standards.

*Please be patient receiving your order, especially with regard to peak online shopping seasons, severe weather conditions & orders being dispatched to another country which can result in delays with delivery. 

*Be polite, respectful & factual when leaving feedback.

*Furthermore helpful information on buying & selling can be found on the "FAQ" page of the site. 



Games4eva video game grading standards

Mint – New, The game itself has never been opened or used & the box has no marks, imperfections or damage to the packaging. Quite simply the product is brand new & is the equivalent to a 100% rating.

Near Mint  – A like new game that may have been used once such as an unwanted gift or ex-display shop stock item. The game itself does not show any marks or signs of use. The box may have been opened & cellophane no longer present but is still in top condition & the overall product is equivalent to a 90% rating in relation to 100% being brand new.

Very Good+ – A game that has been used but is still in excellent condition. The game itself may have the odd wear & tear or sticker mark but has been very well looked after. The box may show minimal signs of wear or damage to the exterior or surface, (ie minor cracks, rips, tear marks etc) & the overall product is equivalent to an 80% rating in relation to 100% being brand new.

Very Good - A game that has been used & is in very good condition. The game may show signs of wear & tear to the exterior or have some sticker marks. The box will display signs of wear & tear to the exterior or surface, (ie cracks, rips, tear marks etc) & the overall product is equivalent to a 65% rating in relation to 100% being brand new.

Good  - A game that shows there is clear visible wear & has had previous use. The game itself will display signs of wear & tear, sticker marks & maybe some writing. The box will show signs of wear & tear, will have damage to the exterior or surface (ie cracks, rips, tear marks etc) & the overall product is equivalent to a 50% rating in relation to 100% being brand new

Fair - A game that shows there is quite visible wear but can still be used. The game itself will have clear signs of previous use which can include, wear & tear, sticker marks & writing. The box will show clear signs of wear & tear or damage to the exterior & surface of the packaging (ie cracks, rips, tear marks etc) & the overall product is equivalent to a 25% rating in relation to 100% being brand new.

Poor - A game that shows there is significant visible wear & tear. The game itself will have significant signs of previous use which can include, wear & tear, sticker marks & writing. The box will show heavy signs of wear & tear, will have damage to the exterior or surface of the packaging (ie cracks, rips, tear marks etc) & the overall product is equivalent to a 15% rating in relation to 100% being brand new.

Boxing Condition - Generic - A game box that is a replacement game case or box & comes with no game sleeve. 

Boxing Condition - No box - The sale does not include a game case or box. (Sellers, It is still your responsibility to ensure the game itself reaches the buyer in the graded condition it was sold in & recommend safe & secure packaging to ensure this in transit.)

Additional Info - This is where sellers can add any other information about the contents of the listing that may help reflect in the sale price. Ie - comes complete / original game poster / download codes still valid / specific catalogue number id, etc etc.